Friday, December 19, 2008

World Premiere of Marathon Man at Halo Community Live!

Alright I cannot keep this a secret any longer! Marathon Man Episode 7 Part 2 will be available via LIVE STREAM on December 30th at 7 PM EST!!!! Its finally official so everybody can now stop sending me messages about when it will be finished! I'm very excited to be able to publish this video for you all to see. This version will not be available on due to music copyright material which sucks on my part since ill be getting 0 money on it but a treat for you guys since I made you wait so long....SORRY!

In other news my new computer specially made for video editing and PC games will be arriving on Dec 29th so that means this might be the last video I edit with my old capture card and laptop FOREVER! All my videos next year will be available in HD which will kick alot of ass and own!

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