Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Very Sad Yet Happy Day........

Yea so today I took the drive of shame yet again and shipped my Xbox 360 to Texas to get repaired FOR THE 2ND TIME! Yea it was understanding to send it in the 1st time free but having to do it a second time and forcing you to pay $100 to repair is just flat out outrageous. I did all the arguing and complaining I could tolerate over the phone to a typical foreigner guy who only speaks 2 words of English until I just gave in and said whatever. So if you want to send me any messages or have a question please either send in a text message NOT VOICE over LIVE or send me a Youtube message.

January 3rd is the estimated day for my new computer to arrive which will come with a free copy of Halo 2 so I can get my Halo fix old school style. I also bought GTA IV for PC with the in game video editor so you can capture footage with a free pan camera which im very excited about doing! If you have the PC version and want to help out in one of my GTA films LET ME KNOW!

So yea expect Marathon Man Episode 7 Part 2 with Gear of War 2 music to arrive on Machinima's Youtube soon and also GTA IV Machinima until I get my Xbox back! Thanks for all the support guys and remember to watch

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