Tuesday, August 26, 2008


SO ive been checking out my messages on LIVE at Xbox.com and alot of them deal with if I will be making anymore vids and when Part 2 will be finished.....well I would love to work on more episodes on my free time but I cannot due to the fact my xbox is 200 miles away at my other home, but what I have been doing is working on scripts for other series and keeping an eye on other peoples machinima on Youtube.

Look for Part 2 to be released at the end of October when I finally get back home....I changed a little bit in the script and think it will turn out awesome. Thanks for reading and staying in touch with m blog it means alot even thought im unable to do any machinima at the moment but promise you I will make up for it once I get back home.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Going North This Weekend

Hey guys just wanted to let you all know im heading Up North to do some Kayaking and drink alot of beer this weekend and will be back sometime Sunday Night. I also just recently got a job and will start soon on Mackinaw Island till the end of October so Ill be pretty busy but will PROBABLY finish Marathon Man Part 2 before I leave as a going away gift.

Thanks for all your guys support and checking out this blog every once in awhile!


Saturday, August 2, 2008

Friend List Carnage

Yea so today I spent a little while on Live deleting ALMOST everyone off my friends list. So if you were on my FR and I deleted you please do not get upset or mad because I didn't do it because I hated you or didn't like you....I did it to cut down on the massive messages I get everyday and trying to put only people that MAKE machinima on my list who I know and actually play with. Once again im sorry if your mad ill make it up to you by getting Ep7 Part 2 finished faster.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Back in the MI!

Yea that's right im back in the Great Lakes State and have an AWESOME new 5 bar connection so there will be no more lagging out of games shit anymore. I logged on last night to find I had 68 unread messages which took FOREVER to go through and read/listen to every single one.

I'm still busy looking for a new apartment and a job so I probably wont be on LIVE during the day much and please only send me messages if its URGENT for gods sake haha. NAP's Flab stated he has a new video coming out soon which involves drinking so I cannot wait to see it, ill lt you guys know as soon as its out or you can head over to their Youtube page and SUBSCRIBE!

Well thats it for now Ill keep ya posted on when EPisode 7 part 2 will be released :-)