Saturday, December 13, 2008

Chief Challenge INFO

So yea yesterday was the 1st official test of Chief's Challenge and it was pretty fun....until you DIE and run out of lives that is haha. Anyways thanks for those of you who participated and stayed with the program even though there were a few hiccups and whatnot.

In other news I FINALLY DID IT! I just built my very own computer online tailored to my very needs (video editing). Its going to be SUPER FUCKING FAST and will make future Machinima videos GROW RED BULL WINGS AND FLY TO MACHINIMA.COM FASTER! Yea I cannot wait for it to arrive near X-Mas time!!! You have no idea what its like trying to edit on a overheating/old/Spyware Infested/Ballsonya laptop. Those days are almost over THANK THE LORD!

Ill be on tonight bored like always so if you want to get your ass kicked in or handed to in some slayer or TEAM FORTRESS 2!! Hit me up on my GT: Sniper2477 DUH!

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