Monday, June 30, 2008

Ep7 Part 2 Release Delayed...

Yea im sad to say this but im leaving for a few days to visit my parents 3 hours away from here and dunno when ill be back. Part 2 is ALMOST finished but not quite so it will prob be released round Bungie Day now....sorry bout that :-(


Friday, June 27, 2008

Episode 7/March Footage/Untitled Project

Alright so I was reviewing Ep7 part 1 and fixed somethings like some camera pans and added a new shot during the Bungie celebration scene...I thought I didn't do a very good job of showing everyone who took the time to help me out during the SURPRISE SCENE so I added a back and FRONT shot of you guys as a thank you! I know I would of been mad if the editor only showed the back of my head haha so sorry bout that its fixed in the High Quality version :-)

Also just wanted to thank everybody that stopped by to do the march scene in Last Resort. Im sad to say this but I can't use any of the footage due to MAJOR LAGGAGE I went through all the footage and its just not gonna work so im way sorry bout that.

Also some might notice on my Youtube that there's an Untitled Sniper2477 Project in Pre-Production so ill keep ya guessing on that one :-)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

New Banner!

Just wanted to thank Mike from the 7th Columnist Colonies for taking the time to create a Marathon Man banner that I needed for the blog so badly! Thanks so much and if you haven't already checked out their awesome site what are you waiting for click here!.....thanks again Mike!

Please Read! *IMPORTANT*

Ok so I just wanted to touch base with everyone on a certain topic. I don't want to sound like a major dick but this has become a HUGE problem and I just wanted to address it on here since I cant send millions on messages on LIVE. Everytime I log on to LIVE to film or just play around with my friends I get SPAMMED with millions of chat invites and messages from people that want to be in Marathon Man, want to talk, or have an idea......well thats alright its just that if I don't respond you proceed to send message after message after message resulting in you not taking the hint that im away from the xbox, talking to a friend, or doing something else.

If you want to contact me thats fine but sending a dozen messages about the same thing dosent help me out at all. I get about 20 messages minimum everytime I log on so please only send me a message if its URGENT. If you want to be in Marathon Man watch the forums, this blog, or a message from me. Begging and crying will not help you and will be a sure ticket off my Friends List.

It's gotten to the point where im thinking about changeing my Gamertag so please don't make me do that. Thanks for reading and please help me out here on this one....thanks

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Marathon Man Episode 7 Part 1 RELEASING TODAY!

Yea so im releaseing Marathon Man Ep7 Part 1 TODAY! So look for that to be on my Youtube Channel very soon...don't forget to rate and comment!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Wanna Be In Marathon Man The Movie???

Ok this is an opportunity to be in Marathon Man The Movie so don't miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity! I will be filming a march through Last Resort and need the party to be full with lots of different people who will take orders and direction and not hog the mic so others cant hear what im saying.....if it gets to the point where your not paying attention and wasting everybody's time you will be booted with no second chance so keep that in mind I don't want to spend hour and hours on this march due to people not cooperating....please be professional

I cannot stress that enough so please keep those words in mind

Basically this will be a march through Last will start out with Erik leading which I will play and after he passes your position you will pop out and start walking behind me until everybody is walking behind Erik. 3 people will be stationed and bob their heads while the crowd passes by them. When I say GO! everyone will start to riot and bust up cars and anything else that goes boom and Erik will then tun around....look at the chaos and run away. This is basically ripping off the scene from Hot Rod so if you haven't seen it click this link to see what your getting yourself into!

Ok hope to see you guys round 6 EST on Monday....FIRST COME FIRST SERVE

Incoming Message

:Accessing message details....
:Message error: type section 12:21:12 unknown specifications
:Prepare for immediate shutdown
:System warning "Intruder Alert"
:Code 420 initiated
:Processing Liberty City backup files
:Unknown user unauthorized
:Hard Drive Cleared
:Worst Nightmare Unleashed

Friday, June 20, 2008

Hampster Wheel

ok so last night i captured ALOT OF FIGHTING SCENES and started to edit them drunk as hell. After a couple shots of tequilla and 10 beers I was alive and feeling it haha a certain Scene in Episode 7 takes place on a giant wheel and let me tell you this has never been done be4 and it will blow ur mind while watching it so look forward to seeing that soon. :-)

Im so excited to release Episode 7 but I cant because its not freakin finished! Ive spent so much time on it that it seems like ill never get it done but everday i try to do a scene or 2 so its slowly but surly getting closer and closer to release time so sorry bout keeping you guys waiting I just dont want to half ass this one since it will technically be the start to a new season.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Short and Sweet Update

Just wanted to let everyone know my neighbors put a password on their wireless network so now I gotta start dishing out the cash per month for internet :-( haha yea no biggie so I went the whole 3 days with NO INTERNET which sucked big time but also kept me motivated on finishing Episode 7 of MM so I guess it was a good thing for you guys.

I haven't been on LIVE in 3 days now so don't be mad at me for not answering your questions or accepting your FR's which I don't think will even send anymore since I have 100 friends now :-( Anyways if you want to contact me the best way is on my Youtube Channel because I check it I hope you guys had a good Fathers Day and see ya on the flip side!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Marathon Man now on MACHINIMA once again!

Wow is all I gotta say...if your visiting from THANK YOU for stopping by and checking out my videos you have no idea how much I appreciate it! Without your help none of these episodes would of been any good ...your comments and suggestions left on the past episodes really helped me out in determining what to do and what NOT to do so just wanted to say thanks.

Ive been receiving alot of messages about my GTA project called Libertyfield asking when I will start production and what they have to do to be in it....well its simple all you have to do is visit my forum and post in the Libertyfield topic about yourself and your past experience in Machinima. Check out my teaser trailer to Libertyfield to see a sneak peak at what your getting yourself into. :-)

Im still looking for someone to help make Marathon Man Banners for my blog and website so if your interested please send me a message I would GREATLY appreciate your help and credit you...thanks

Thursday, June 12, 2008

New Marathon Man Trailer Released!

Ok so I uploaded the short trailer REALLY EARLY in the morning and so far it looks like you guys liked it...Its from a scene where Marathon Man and Erik visit the beach obviously and other stuff happens but you will have to wait for the full version of Episode 7 sorry :-(

Anyways let me know what you thought of the trailer and ill get back to work on Episode 7

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Marathon Man Short/Banner Help

Since all the cool kids are doing shorts now I thought it would be appropriate for Marathon Man to get in on the roommate Mike is hard at work on it so look for that to be posted maybe tonight or tomorrow to help hold you guys over till the release of Episode 7! If you guys have any awesome ideas for a short please visit the forum and post in the topic and maybe we will do your idea and even post your GT in the credits :-)

I'm also in the need of a new banner for my site, forum, and blog so if your good at doing that kinda stuff and would like to help me out I would GREATLY APPRECIATE IT! So please let me know if your interested in helping me out in the forum

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Episode 7 Progress/Forum/Quest for Recon 2

Just taking a break from editing to let you guys know how episode 7 is coming along. So far things are turning out great and its going to feature WAY BETTER voice quality thanks to my handy dandy new mic! I was available last night on LIVE and was filming a certain scene when along came Halowarhero and Flabcaptian and they helped me out doing a scene which would of taken me forever to do so major props to you guys! If you want to be in one of my films all you have to do is be on live at the right time and place...please don't message me over and over asking the same thing I get enough messages as it is. Thanks for understanding sorry if I sounded like a dick its just frustrating trying to film and being spammed.

In other news my forum is in dire need of people to register and start up some discussions...I know there are a million forums out their but if you register and seem like your really interested in being in one of my films I might give ya a shot if I think you have wut it takes to get hit by a car or get blown up by Marathon Man haha just playin.

I think that just bout covers it.....thanks for your guys support!

P.S. NAP's Quest for Recon 2 is coming out tomorrow night so make sure you watch it! I heard its gonna kick some major ass!

Friday, June 6, 2008

New Forum, Connection Problems and Libertyfield

Just stopping by to let everybody know I created a new forum in my blog so check it out! Ill pop in and out from time to time to answer anyones questions and such. Im looking for moderators so if interested let me know on the blog!

Just a living at a temp place for a month and have no internet...BUT the people next to me have wireless so im using their wireless which BLOWS and always cuts out so if you see me on and I all a suddenly leave or log off it doesn't mean I hate please don't think that. My roomate plays alot of GTA and Halo so watch for him on my name sometimes :-)

If your looking to be an actor in Libertyfield please visit my forum in my blog and post in the topic

Thursday, June 5, 2008


Yea thats right I just created a forum for everybody to post in and have a good time so check it out! I'm also looking for moderators so if interested please leave a comment telling me a little bout yourself and ill take into consideration on if you will be a mod!

Tell everybody so we can pop the forums virginity fast and start up some discussions! I'm also looking for a person to create a sweet looking banner for my site and forum so if that sounds like something your interested in let me know!

Thanks for reading and hope to see you in the forum!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Thanks for voting!

Ok im finally settled into a temp apartment in North Carolina for the next month...the last few weeks ive been staying at friends place and never really had a chance to get on xbox Live until today which was a relief! To my surprise I log on and have over 50 unread messages and friend roommate was like dammmmnnnn haha anyways I can now start production on yet another episode of Marathon Man which I cannot wait to do. My roommate can help me do certain scenes ive never been able to do before which is a major PLUS. The script is almost finished....just have a few minor stuff to add and such which shouldn't take to long.

Thanks so much for voting it helped me out alot I was seriously thinking of changing the theme song but I guess I was wrong in thinking that judging by the poll. So the new theme will stay and the intro will have new stuff since the original one is getting kinda old and boring to me at least. Oh and one other thing if your on my friends list and see me online it doesn't necessarily mean its me roommate plays it also so if I don't talk or respond to your messages please don't get mad. Thanks again for your support guys it means alot!

Oh and Iron Man will be a big influence in this episode so if you haven't seen Iron Man GO SEE IT! Best movie I have ever seen in a long time!