Friday, December 5, 2008

High Stakes now available at's Youtube!

Alright cool the 2nd version of High Stakes can now be seen on their Youtube so if you haven't already GO CHECK IT OUT! If your new here you might be wondering WTF does version 2 mean?!? Well I had to change all the music to LEGAL/GAME Music to be featured on so you can check out Version 1 right on my Youtube Channel Labeled, "*DIRECTOR'S CUT* High Stakes"

Just a little update on Chief's Challenge.....I finished the Promo video last night and it should be on by Monday or Tuesday since they get Saturday and Sunday off which is awesome! I'm trying my best to shell out alot of Machinima so maybe one day I could work at maybe???? All the way in LA which Ive always been wanting to visit my whole life. Anyways im looking for people to do commentary for Chief's Challenge so if your interested and DONT HAVE A 2 YEAR OLD VOICE please send me a message on my Youtube or GT!


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