Friday, December 26, 2008


Wow I don't even know where to begin.....I spent all of XMAS and half of today rendering and trying to upload Part 2 of Episode 7 on Youtube and it just WILL NOT WORK!!!!!!!!!!! So I did some converting and finally decided to put it in avi format. So now its finally uploading to Youtube as I speak THANK THE LORD! its about 1/4 uploaded and going really slow.

I guess everybody decided to upload those stupid ass RickRoll videos at once which infact RUIN YOUTUBE! So if your one of those cripple faggot kids that make those pointless videos do me a favor and shoot yourself in the face. Im not kidding I fucking hate those videos and every other pointless Youtube video made just to piss you off. I mean COME ON every fucking video now has a rick roll its so fucking stupid now and old. If you think your clever and funny YOUR NOT! YOUR AN IDIOT! Ok sorry im done talking about that.....anyways hope you enjoy the conclusion to Episode 7! Karma sucks!

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