Thursday, December 11, 2008

Chief's Challenge begins TOMORROW!!!!

Yea its official im having a community game night tomorrow and everyone is invited...that is until the room fills up! Ninja Adventure Productions will also be attending to try out the course first so if you want to be one of the 1st contestants for the newest BEST SHOW ON MACHINIMA.COM just plan on attending at 8 PM EST tomorrow night (FRIDAY).

If you have no clue what the hell is going on just visit the link below. Also if you know someone who has or made a kick ass forge map that would be an awesome Chief Challenge just send it to my GT so I can look it over to take into consideration for the show. I'm looking for a forge map that does crazy things like throws a ton of vehicles at you and the contestants try and dodge them or a forge map of a bunch of traps and such.

and keep in mind that if the room fills up DO NOT SEND ME A MILLION MESSAGES ASKING TO JOIN!!!!!! If you do ill write your GT on a list of people to not participate in the joke this also goes to people that fuck around and waste my time and everybody else's. This is meant to be fun and its a privilege for you to be on this show so if you screw around way to much and avoid my warnings to calm down you will be put on the list and booted from the party no questions asked. I don't want to sound like a dick but THIS ALWAYS HAPPENS EVERYTIME I TRY AND DO SOMETHING FOR THE FANS! Its simple DO NOT hog the mic....DO NOT kill other people....and DO NOT ASK ME A MILLION QUESTIONS!!!!(What capture card I use, what editing program, if you can be in a film, ect)

Ok I hope I made that clear...I do not want to sound like a dick but I have to say that in order for the party to go according to plan or NOTHING WILL EVER GET DONE. So please keep what I said in mind....I will not say it again, thanks.

Chief's Challenge PROMO VIDEO!

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