Monday, December 8, 2008


Wow is all I have to say.....1,000 SUBSCRIBERS! That's amazing to me at least and gotta have a party or something! I guess people enjoyed High Stakes and im currently working on a second episode script for it right now! This time around ill actually have character names and all that other crap haha. I just love combining a serious situation and turn it into a comedy. I don't know why but that's how I roll and something I try to do is stay different and away from other Machinima Directors. Everyone has their own style and im no different I guess.

Everything is not ok though on my part. EVERYTHING IS BREAKING! My GOOD controller broke, my headset broke, my Xbox is breaking, my car broke down, my car speakers blew out and have to replace, and now my laptop has a virus that I just got rid of but really fucked my computer up removing unfortunately!

I have enough money saved up to get a good super fast computer and a new capture card that I so desperately need. If you noticed in High Stakes the lag due to an OLD CAPTURE CARD. So yea things could be better but im not going to bitch about it anymore because things happen for a reason right?

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