Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Thanks for voting!

Ok im finally settled into a temp apartment in North Carolina for the next month...the last few weeks ive been staying at friends place and never really had a chance to get on xbox Live until today which was a relief! To my surprise I log on and have over 50 unread messages and friend roommate was like dammmmnnnn haha anyways I can now start production on yet another episode of Marathon Man which I cannot wait to do. My roommate can help me do certain scenes ive never been able to do before which is a major PLUS. The script is almost finished....just have a few minor stuff to add and such which shouldn't take to long.

Thanks so much for voting it helped me out alot I was seriously thinking of changing the theme song but I guess I was wrong in thinking that judging by the poll. So the new theme will stay and the intro will have new stuff since the original one is getting kinda old and boring to me at least. Oh and one other thing if your on my friends list and see me online it doesn't necessarily mean its me roommate plays it also so if I don't talk or respond to your messages please don't get mad. Thanks again for your support guys it means alot!

Oh and Iron Man will be a big influence in this episode so if you haven't seen Iron Man GO SEE IT! Best movie I have ever seen in a long time!


erstor234 said...

hi its me corona goodzzzz im sorry for being a dick. i hope you can forgive me. to make it up ill trie to get you recon once agen sorry.

erstor234 said...

hey its me agen once agen sorry. if you need any help with your show just let me no ok once agen sorry.

erestor234 said...

if you dont want to be my freind any more its ok have a nice day goodbye.