Saturday, June 14, 2008

Marathon Man now on MACHINIMA once again!

Wow is all I gotta say...if your visiting from THANK YOU for stopping by and checking out my videos you have no idea how much I appreciate it! Without your help none of these episodes would of been any good ...your comments and suggestions left on the past episodes really helped me out in determining what to do and what NOT to do so just wanted to say thanks.

Ive been receiving alot of messages about my GTA project called Libertyfield asking when I will start production and what they have to do to be in it....well its simple all you have to do is visit my forum and post in the Libertyfield topic about yourself and your past experience in Machinima. Check out my teaser trailer to Libertyfield to see a sneak peak at what your getting yourself into. :-)

Im still looking for someone to help make Marathon Man Banners for my blog and website so if your interested please send me a message I would GREATLY appreciate your help and credit you...thanks

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