Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Please Read! *IMPORTANT*

Ok so I just wanted to touch base with everyone on a certain topic. I don't want to sound like a major dick but this has become a HUGE problem and I just wanted to address it on here since I cant send millions on messages on LIVE. Everytime I log on to LIVE to film or just play around with my friends I get SPAMMED with millions of chat invites and messages from people that want to be in Marathon Man, want to talk, or have an idea......well thats alright its just that if I don't respond you proceed to send message after message after message resulting in you not taking the hint that im away from the xbox, talking to a friend, or doing something else.

If you want to contact me thats fine but sending a dozen messages about the same thing dosent help me out at all. I get about 20 messages minimum everytime I log on so please only send me a message if its URGENT. If you want to be in Marathon Man watch the forums, this blog, or a message from me. Begging and crying will not help you and will be a sure ticket off my Friends List.

It's gotten to the point where im thinking about changeing my Gamertag so please don't make me do that. Thanks for reading and please help me out here on this one....thanks

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