Friday, June 20, 2008

Hampster Wheel

ok so last night i captured ALOT OF FIGHTING SCENES and started to edit them drunk as hell. After a couple shots of tequilla and 10 beers I was alive and feeling it haha a certain Scene in Episode 7 takes place on a giant wheel and let me tell you this has never been done be4 and it will blow ur mind while watching it so look forward to seeing that soon. :-)

Im so excited to release Episode 7 but I cant because its not freakin finished! Ive spent so much time on it that it seems like ill never get it done but everday i try to do a scene or 2 so its slowly but surly getting closer and closer to release time so sorry bout keeping you guys waiting I just dont want to half ass this one since it will technically be the start to a new season.

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