Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Episode 7 Progress/Forum/Quest for Recon 2

Just taking a break from editing to let you guys know how episode 7 is coming along. So far things are turning out great and its going to feature WAY BETTER voice quality thanks to my handy dandy new mic! I was available last night on LIVE and was filming a certain scene when along came Halowarhero and Flabcaptian and they helped me out doing a scene which would of taken me forever to do so major props to you guys! If you want to be in one of my films all you have to do is be on live at the right time and place...please don't message me over and over asking the same thing I get enough messages as it is. Thanks for understanding sorry if I sounded like a dick its just frustrating trying to film and being spammed.

In other news my forum is in dire need of people to register and start up some discussions...I know there are a million forums out their but if you register and seem like your really interested in being in one of my films I might give ya a shot if I think you have wut it takes to get hit by a car or get blown up by Marathon Man haha just playin.

I think that just bout covers it.....thanks for your guys support!

P.S. NAP's Quest for Recon 2 is coming out tomorrow night so make sure you watch it! I heard its gonna kick some major ass!

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