Sunday, June 22, 2008

Wanna Be In Marathon Man The Movie???

Ok this is an opportunity to be in Marathon Man The Movie so don't miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity! I will be filming a march through Last Resort and need the party to be full with lots of different people who will take orders and direction and not hog the mic so others cant hear what im saying.....if it gets to the point where your not paying attention and wasting everybody's time you will be booted with no second chance so keep that in mind I don't want to spend hour and hours on this march due to people not cooperating....please be professional

I cannot stress that enough so please keep those words in mind

Basically this will be a march through Last will start out with Erik leading which I will play and after he passes your position you will pop out and start walking behind me until everybody is walking behind Erik. 3 people will be stationed and bob their heads while the crowd passes by them. When I say GO! everyone will start to riot and bust up cars and anything else that goes boom and Erik will then tun around....look at the chaos and run away. This is basically ripping off the scene from Hot Rod so if you haven't seen it click this link to see what your getting yourself into!

Ok hope to see you guys round 6 EST on Monday....FIRST COME FIRST SERVE


Anonymous said...

My gamertag is Asophetes. Im also working on a machinima short but dont have enough people.I gues i could help out.I belive I fit into the reiquierments.If you wanna email me my email is

pvt tucker said...

can i be on the marathon man movie i done lots of videos and i follow rules also i don't complain my gamertag is el capucino

corona goodzzzz said...

hi its me corona goodzzzz im still on my vacashon right now i just want to say good luck with your marathon man movie well have a nice day.