Thursday, January 22, 2009

Quick Update

Well I finally got a full-time job from 3-11 everyday so ill be kinda busy with that. My new capture card is still slowly making its way to Michigan....stupid free shipping TAKES FOREVER! A few days ago something weird happened in matchmaking so I ended up recording and editing a video about it. I do the commentary in it to try and explain whats going on so hopefully that comes out friday or monday on Machinima's Youtube. The quality sucks a big fatty since I had to render it in low q on my laptop in order to transfer it to my new computer to edit. Yea i'm in need of flash drive badly.

PWN'D is coming along great, I filmed alot of stuff a few days ago but need to invest in a flash drive to get the footage from my old laptop to my new computer. So yea I gotta go and make some money.

Cya later

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