Saturday, January 31, 2009


Well im really pissed right now....NOTHING IS GOING RIGHT! I have spent this whole fucking week trying to get my GOD DAMN HD-PVR TO WORK! I mean my god WTF I have tried everything from uninstalling, reinstalling, contacting support and waiting 4 fucking days to get a god damn response! So ive been checking my email waitiing and guess what! I get like 4 emails from Youtube about muting all my vids audio due to copyright reasons.

FUCK YOU YOUTUBE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So now Bungie Day 08, Got Live, Marathon Man Ep5, Halo Cops 1 have no audio whats so ever.....yea what the hell is going on?? Small ass none profit films should not be subject to copyright rules anyways NOONE FUCKING CARES EXCEPT FOR YOUTUBE!

So yea just a little pissed if I don't get this HD PV-R to work soon I think i'm gonna have a heart attack!

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