Friday, January 16, 2009

Hitler Gets OWNED!

Hey guys I have been browsing Youtube like always and came across these Hitler videos that are absolutely hilarious! If you haven't seen them yet I dunno what planet your from. I rated 2 of the ones I have seen so far and i'm sure there are plenty more out there for your viewing pleasure. So check it out on my Youtube Channel under my recent activity.

Also in my xbox repair news......IT FINALLY ARRIVED! Yea but there's a catch like usual. I only received this bright yellow sticky note saying that they came but I wasn't home. I was home alright but wtf I never heard a door bell or ANYTHING! So that kinda pissed me off. It seems like now a days they just knock on your door softly and then run away after one knock with a sticker on your door. I kinda understand since the UPS guys are probably busy and all but its their job to WAIT AT LEAST A MINUTE BEFORE LEAVING OR HAVE THE DECENCY TO RING THE DOORBELL!

Yea well shit happens and ill be on LIVE tomorrow night hopefully with a fixed xbox. If it's not fixed and they say it was my hard drive ill literally shit a brick and make it an appearance on the 6:00 News Channel so stay tuned.

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