Sunday, November 30, 2008


IM FINALLY FREE!!! Yea the past few days I have been battling a huge virus on my computer! I'm so happy its finally over! *Note To Self* DO NOT CLICK YES TO A MP3 CODEC DOWNLOAD! That totally fucked up my computer with Spyware so if you ever get an option to download a Mp3 Codec DON'T!

So tomorrow (Monday) we might finally see Version 2 of High Stakes on Machinima's Youtube account! I'm really hoping that the LEGAL music will not effect it in a bad way. So be sure to rate and comment it whenever your free it would help me out big time!

In other news ive been getting lots of music requests from people so thank you guys for sending them my way. I'm still accepting music pieces so if you make music or know somebody who does that would like to have their music in one of my Machinima's please let them know! Remember to send the music to my youtube account or email address at:

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