Saturday, November 15, 2008



Ok yea I know I disappointed alot of people for not releasing videos in awhile and lieing on a due date....yea I have alot of excuses as to why I lied and didn't get them done but I don't want to go into all that at the moment. What I will tell you is that ive been fairly busy with life and that im at the age where I cannot just sit around and play games/edit movies all day like before.

I'm very sorry for disappointing you and promise that when I get a FAST computer that can capture and edit videos with EASE and NO FRUSTRATION INVOLVED! I will be more than happy to make videos on a daily basis and might even get payed for it which would help out a great deal since im at the age where rent and utilities rule your expenses!

Thanks again for watching and hopefully enjoying my videos! You guys are the reason why I still want to do this and without you I would be nothing so thank you once again and look for Episode 2 of Got LIVE soon! Im working with Ninja Adventure Productions once again and so far its turning out GREAT and will be alot of good laughs! Part 2 of Marathon Man is on hold till I get a fast running computer which will be soon.

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