Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Some cool news about some COOL STUFF!

HEY! Welcome back for another blog update! Just wanted to let you all know that my new series premiere should be on Machinima's Youtube soon!! Yea im major stoked and hope it gets a good reception from people. If not well there's always the OTHER series im working on called Marathon Man, Bungie Squad, and yet another called HALO'S HEROES!

Yea that's right your probably saying to yourself WTF you cannot handle 4 series you can barely even finish part 2 of Marathon Man! Yea that's true but I just need some new material to work with and took a break from MM which was a good thing for me. Look for a couple short trailers for Halo's Heroes which will be AMAZING. *hint*I will also be looking for voice overs for a few characters but will explain all that in the trailer so if you want your first major staring role in a major machinima film keep your eyes and ears peeled.....yea that didn't sound right.

Bungie Squad will star Luke and Shishka and their great idea of the Banhammer 2.0 (mentioned in a weekly update) which is basically themselves going out into the battlefield and putting the glitchers and hackers to a stop themselves. It will be a comedy of course so watch after the credits of High Stakes to see a little sneak peak at it.....its only dialog but still worth sticking around after the credits for!

Well I think thats it for the news make sure you also check out Ninja Adventure's weekly updates every FRIDAY to keep tabs on whats going on their way. Some big stuff will be unleashed soon so be ready for it! Thanks again guys!

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