Tuesday, October 14, 2008

5 More Days!

Ok so finally only 5 more days till I can continue work on Part 2 of Marathon Man which will be one of the best since ive had so much time to plan the script. Ive downloaded a ton of new music which I plan to throw into the episode including Casino Royale, Dark Knight, Transformers, and MAX PAYNE! Im a big Max Payne fan and after hearing the score and trailer music expect it to be in Marathon Man or my new series soon!

Thanks for voting on the poll and letting me know what your thoughts were on who would win an actual fight if Luke and Frankie actually went at it with one another.....I actually decided to continue this story into more than one episode since I don't want to rush the story and cram stuff in. I didn't realize that this had so much potential and rushing it into one episode would result in more parts and acts which I don't want to get into and can get out of hand and ruin the episode without even watching it *cough*Digitalph33r's DoomsDay*cough*

Thanks again for sticking this one out with me and not forgetting about the blog. Make sure you check back in a week or so to find out when exactly Part 2 will come out at the End of October!

Cya soon!

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