Wednesday, September 17, 2008

FR and Ninja Adventure

Well I really have nothing new to report just the usual stuff like most recent concerns on my LIVE messages and how NOT to get on my Friends List. There has been alot of people sending me friend requests without a voice message attached stating who they are. I do this for lots of reasons if your wondering. First of all I don't want a Friends list filled with people I do not know and if im filming a certain scene in which I need participants I want to know I can trust them and that they will not waste my time by fooling around and asking me a million times if I can capture footage for them and such. Even if you do send me a voice message with your FR doesn't guarantee you will get accepted since if I did do that my list would be filled within seconds. I'm sorry if I seem like a dick but this makes my life so much easier and cuts down on the SPAM messages.....thanks for understanding

In other news Ninja Adventure is taking advantage of my downtime and big things are going their way in the coming future. Make sure you watch Machinima's Youtube for their upcoming videos and their top secret project covered in secrecy.

I also wanted to apologize for not updating this regularly like I used to. I'm not going anywhere yet and expect Part 2 to be released at the end of October still.

Thanks for your support!

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