Friday, August 1, 2008

Back in the MI!

Yea that's right im back in the Great Lakes State and have an AWESOME new 5 bar connection so there will be no more lagging out of games shit anymore. I logged on last night to find I had 68 unread messages which took FOREVER to go through and read/listen to every single one.

I'm still busy looking for a new apartment and a job so I probably wont be on LIVE during the day much and please only send me messages if its URGENT for gods sake haha. NAP's Flab stated he has a new video coming out soon which involves drinking so I cannot wait to see it, ill lt you guys know as soon as its out or you can head over to their Youtube page and SUBSCRIBE!

Well thats it for now Ill keep ya posted on when EPisode 7 part 2 will be released :-)

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