Thursday, July 24, 2008

Moving sucks!

Yea so just letting you guys know that im in the process of packing my shit up and moving once again. I will most likely not be on Xbox LIVE for a week until I get a permanent place to move into and get the internet all hooked up and stuff. Yea I know it sucks but its part of life after High School so you can look forward to it....anyways sorry about the bad news but once I get an apartment and get enough money for a desktop computer I will be shelling out all kinds of machinima. Thanks for understanding im going through ALOT right now

In other news....Ive been getting ALOT of emails about what the Untitled Project is that im working on. Well its Untitled for a reason and will stay that way until I can get my new desktop computer to make it kick ass and edit it the way I want it. Charlie Clouser is my best friend so if you know his music expect it to be in this project alot.

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