Monday, March 30, 2009


Man I didn't really realise how much people can go from liking you and then extremely hating you in a matter of minutes. I mean come on it kinda depresses me as to the length some people go to just to say I suck and ripped off Ross Scott which was NOT MY INTENTION! I admire Ross Scott and all his machinima and don't want a video I made to make people think I hate him and trying to do better which is NOT THE CASE. Just because I used commentary going through levels does not mean im ripping anyone off....say what you want but for crying out loud its machinima and we can do whatever the fuck we want so fuck off. If you don't like it BITE ME, I really don't give a damn about what you guys say in the comment section negative wise. For the people who actually posted constructive criticism I made sure to listen and will improve on toning down the swearing and actually trying to think about funny stuff to say....which would be more like a Ross Scott Freeman Mind RIPOFF in the aftermath. So whatever ill figure out something to make it different and midly entertaining to please the people which is VERY HARD these days I might add.

In other news im working on a Gmod Machinima with lots of random skits. I stil have no clue what it's gonna be called but it's turning out great so far. Expect to see T-REX, Master Chief, Teletubbies, Kentucky Fried Cocks, Reign of Fire Deleted Scene with Bale, that ONE GUY in L4D who trys to control the whole team and pisses you the FUCK OFF, HORDES of zombies coming at you screaming RIP OFF, and tons more :-)

Thanks for reading and catch ya guys later

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